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About The Founder

Name Mohammad Yusuf
Age: 60 Years
Father: Late Alhaj Abdul Mannan
Mother: Late Badurunnesa
Birth: 1st January 1950, Companygonj, Noakhali.
Childhood Education Primary school in the village
High School Abdul Halim Coronation High School, Bashur Hat(1966).
Higher Education
  1. Chittagong Govt. College (H.Sc. & B.A. Hons. In Economics), Session: 1966-1971.
  2. Chittagong University (M.A in Economics), Session: 1971-1972.
  3. B.L. Coarse completed from Bangabandhu Law Temple, Chittagong.
  4. Part time Professor in M.E.S College, Chittagong.
International Education
  1. Expertise on Marine Pollution from International Maritime Organization(IMO).
  2. Completion of Basic Lubrication Course, Trained on Management from German ZDH and  Technonet Asia and other countries of the world.
  3. Trained on short and long course of different subjects in Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia, China and Germany from FUCHS, Society of tribology and lubrication engineers, America.
  4. Active member of NLGI (National Lubricating Grease Institute) USA.
  5. Traveled following countries for expanding business and join international seminars:
  6. India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Sarjah, Tehran, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Germany, France, Brussels,
    England, Myanmar, Colombo, Seul, Bankok, Jakarta.
Contribution in Industrialization
  1. Establishment of Grease House Ltd. at 1979.
  2. First Bangladeshi organization to produce Lubricating Grease.
  3. First Bangladeshi organization to export Lubricating Grease.
  4. First “Lithium based Grease” producing company.
  5. First to set up “Lub-recycling Plant” with financial assistance of Bangladeah Silpa Bank.
  6. Joint venture project with FUCHS Petro-Lub, Germany.
  7. Erection of lubricating blending plant named Lub-rref(BD) obtained international quality and ISO certification, now are marketing lubricants under BNO brands.
  8. Co-founder of NASIB- National Association of Small and Cottage Industries.
  9. Active member of Chittagong Chamber of Commerce & Industries.
  10. Elected president of joint managing committee of Fauzdarhat BISIC Industrial Estate.
  11. Founder of Companygonj Agro-Industries Ltd, Noakhali.
  12. Oil terminal come ship building facility named Juldha Shipyard Ltd. Chittagong.
  13. Involved in different socio-cultural activities and educational institutions.